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Vision Quest
Are You Ready for Vision Quest?


Click for more infoDiscovering That Divine Sacredness Of Self

A long time ago, the gods got together and decided that the search for the meaning of life was the most rewarding endeavor of human beings. Not to make the search too easy, however, they discussed where to hide this wondrous gift.

"Let's put it at the bottom of the ocean," said the first god.
" No, they are sure to look there," the other replied.
" Let's put it on the moon," the second god suggested.
" No they are certain to look there also," the others said.
" After thinking long and hard, the third god smiled and said,
" Let's put it inside of them; they'll never look there." And they all agreed.



Olga 1998Vision Quest is a spiritual adventure, a process of going out into nature, with clear intention, and away from the distractions of everyday life, and being with the wonders of our Creator/God. It is sacred time of change, a passage into a new and often deeper level of one's spirituality. Rite of Passage - that of purpose, healing, discovery, joy, and a sense of connectedness with all - four legged, winged ones, trees, stones, sky, stars, wind, and all our relations.

Vision Quest has three stages: Severance - that of separating, detaching, letting go of the old;

Threshold - that of transformation, healing spirit wounds, listening in solitude, beginning again with purpose, "knowing thyself" and the connection with God.

And lastly, Incorporation - that of bringing your purpose or vision back to your people and community to make the world a better place.

Sedona VQ
Sedona Vision Questers

Vision Quest is done with honor and sacredness. One learns to hear from the heart the message that Great Spirit/God has for the individual quester. Each quester goes out for different purpose or intent such as: Why am I here? Who is my God? What is my purpose? How may I serve my people best? How can I find meaning in my life? I long to feel connected and loved and how do I achieve this? How do I find joy in my life? How do I hear God? How do I get rid of this pain in my heart?

Jean 1998Vision Quest is the process of finding the meaning of life in a supportive, loving, ceremonial way. As one Quester says,

"I didn't understand what people meant when they said they felt totally at peace and loved by God. I now know and have the love and peace in every cell in my body. It's like my DNA structure changed on my Vision Quest. I have purpose for the first time and know I have forgiven those I couldn't before with unconditional love in my heart, also for the first time! I am love and am Loved! Unlike many other workshops and seminars I've done in the past, this doesn't go away it just makes me feel stronger and more connected with myself, God, Family, and my community."

There are many paths we can walk in life, but the path that leads us "home", the one that matters most is that of our spiritual path. This path of the Spiritual Warrior where we live our purpose/passion in a "good" way; where we speak the divine truth, create love with our hearts and build sacred pathways with each footstep in joy and love for all. Vision Quest is and has been the pathway for all the masters - Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, to reconnect and come home to the Spirit that lives in all us.

The Native American Vision Quest Format - A brief overview

stone pileThe format for the Sacred Journeys Vision Quest covers a total of approximately 8-10 days. The first two days will be to set up base camp, familiarize ourselves with the area and share our hopes and dreams of the quest. We will cover safety, developing sacred ceremony, symbolism and mythology of rites of passage, medicine wheel ceremony, personal purification ceremony, as well as how to listen to the Spirit In All Things. We will go over physically living on the sacred skin of Grandmother in a loving, supportive way of honor and respect.

Leelja 2001, 2005After arriving at our basecamp, that evening we will tell stories and sing songs, and start creating our sacred community. During the three days of training, Questers will go on a hike and determine their solo site and get comfortable with it for a day. On the fourth morning each person will go to their solo site and be with their God for 4 days. Guides will remain in the base camp during this time holding the sacred space spiritually and to be near in support if needed. On the fifth morning questers will return to base camp, community, and food! That afternoon and evening each quester will have the time to tell the story of their passage experience. The guides and other questers will sit in council to hear and validate this story. The next morning we will continue to be in community and finish Elder's council. Then we will rejoice in celebration of each persons rites of passage at base camp. The next morning we will pack up base camp, clean the site, and return to the rest of our lives! Ongoing support to questers is made available by us through correspondence or personal consultation. We want to know how it goes for you!

Mark and Stephen 2004A recommended reading prior to taking a vision quest is: The Sacred Journey – A Quest for Vision – Discovering the Soul’s Destiny by Carol Hannagan. You can get this from Sacred Journey at 916 456-4377 or email sacred-journeys.com. This manual is oriented to questing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with Sacred Journeys, but is relevant to wherever you quest. It will provide you with a detailed description of all the stages of the passage experience and is a beautifully done with artwork by Arlene Connley. The process should not be done alone and should always have an experienced guide at all times for ones personal ceremony.

Click here for Vision Quest pdf brochure


Vision Quest $1195

Minimum: 5 Maximum: 10

July 14-23, 2017 Northern, California



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