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Survival Training -
Living In Harmony


Olga 1998Exploring Our Interdependentness With Our Mother Earth

In Sacred Journeys' survival school, we will take you out to a peaceful place to be with Mother Earth. You will experience the Silence and the Spirit that moves in all things on a multi-dimensional and multi-sensory level.

The love, peace, and serenity of all that exists in Mother Earth - from the four legged creatures to the winged ones, from the insects to the plants and stones - have infinite knowledge to teach us. It is time to come back to Mother Earth and experience her grandeur and abundance.

Come join us for a wilderness adventure and experience the treasures of nature.

  • Experience living in harmony with our Mother Earth.
  • Making fire without matches
  • Basic camping skills - low impact wilderness camping (Debris hut construction)
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Making cordage (rope) out of tree bark
  • Animal identification through tracking skills
  • Reading the land (topography)
  • Flow walk of being part of nature feeling the energy and peace of our Mother Earth
  • Explore the medicine wheel to more fully discover the wonders of the four directions of Native American culture to achieve balance, connectedness, and healing for ourselves and our planet.


Click here for Survival Training pdf brochure.

Survival Training $325

Great family fun!
Family Rates Available

July 7-9, 2017
August 11-13, 2017
Northern California



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