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Hiking Tour of Switzerland


On our Swiss hiking tours, we travel to the country's Heartland! Spectacular vistas are everywhere. We will be staying in a small town called Hohfluh which is high in the Alps. In this spotless hamlet village, the brilliant green meadows with abundant wildflowers, breathtaking glaciers, sapphire mountain lakes, and ornate chalets filled with geraniums in the windows are all ours to behold.

This is truly the Heartland of Switzerland! Come join us ……

Hiking Meiringen:
This is a small village which is known for being the center for hiking in all of Switzerland. From here there are easy hikes along the high alpine plateau or more adventurous hikes up to the Aareschlucht, one of the most dramatic gorges anywhere.

The Aareschlucht gorge is formed by the raging waters of two major glaciers meeting and carving their way through sheer granite stone mountains range. We will walk just above the water down this gorge feeling the power of nature roar beneath our feet. This is known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. More photos - click here.

Six major waterfalls spill into Meiringern's valley making this a spectral photo shoot.


Grosse Scheidegg is the starting point for our hike to Grindelwald. The scenery is breathtaking as we stroll down the trail gazing at the Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau to our left while cow's bells rejoice at our presence. Wildflowers fill the slopes with abundant bouquets everywhere we can see. More photos - click here.

Hiking Bernese Oberland Area:
Here we will journey to Lauterbrunnen and on to the famous "Grandmother's Walk". We will travel via narrow gauge train from Lauterbrunnen up to Wengen, a small quaint town without motorized vehicles, then via tram to Mannilichen where our hike begins. From here we have a full panorama of the Jungfraujoch glacier and surrounding peaks.

Strolling along the wildflower trail we can see valley below and Lautebrunnen which was formed by the glacier hundreds of years ago.

Strolling along the wildflower trail we can see valley below and Lautebrunnen which was formed by the glacier hundreds of years ago.

"Top of the World" one can view the Matterhorn to the southwest and the Finsteraarhron to the northeast as well as the deep carved valleys. From the "Top of Europe" on a clear day one can see Italy and the Mediterranean Sea. The narrow gauge train goes to the top of the Jungfraujoch through the glacier, which is an engineering marvel! More photos - click here.

Hiking Planplatten:
Here we can feel the Spirit of these magnificent Alps. We will hike up to a 360° view of the Bernese Oberland Alps. We will be making a loop down to Balmeregghron which is most of the locals favorite day hike. The entertaining sound of the cow bells will help us with our hike.

After visiting the cheese-maker at Magislap, we will enter the land of cowbells and wildflowers that is land of Heidi, the land of Swiss alpine romance that the tourist seldom find.

Dwarf's Hike

The Swiss believe in the myth of the Dwarfs. They believe they have unique gifts to share. This hike is a magical hike and a favorite of all! We teamed up with a local 3rd grade class to share this special day. Leisurely walking down the trail we see the little people's villages along the way. The magic of the choirs of cow bells echoing in all directions; the view of the Alp's all around; and the special gift of the bright smiles of the local children make this a day to remember! More photos - click here.

Hiking Lauterbrunnen:
Lauterbrunnen is a small hamlet in a pristine valley formed by the Jungfrau glacier hundreds of years ago. Waterfalls careen down the cliffs with majestic beauty.

This is a high plateau which is perfect for the over 500 species of flowering native plants and ferns which comprises over 80% of Switzerland's native plants. On this day tour we will visit a river that runs inside the mountain which is spectacular. More photos - click here.

The Swiss call this "Little Yosemite".

What others say about the trip:

"Thanks again for the wonderful trip to Switzerland. You really made it a dream come true. Your expert guidance and care made our trip the best ever! Barbara and I would still be in dem dar hills looking for the Alps. You are the best guide company in Switzerland. You really go with the flo and are very sensitive to our needs. The encouragement and care that you put into this trip was great support for someone who doesn't hike much. I was pleasantly surprised that I could do all the hikes. I will never forget the beauty found in these mountains. I look at my pictures almost every day." - S. Marshall 7/02

More photos - click here.

  • Mountain bikes are available for day trips if you wish.
  • Private apartment in alpine chalet - 14 night stay.
  • Air fare from New York or Boston. Departure from other U.S. cities at a small additional fee.
  • A 15-day Swiss Companion Pass. Most rail, bus, boat, and lifts covered.
  • Excellent support from our local village staff.
  • Orientation meeting upon arrival of all options of our day tours.
  • Guided hikes, boat trips, city tours, and local history available.
  • Dinner party with locals singing, dancing, and music.

Upcoming Swiss Hiking Tour

August 24-31, 2017 Swiss Alps

Join us on this magical hiking tour. Spend time living with the amazing Swiss people and feeling the beauty of their land. Space is limited so call 916.456.4377 or email for cost details from your city.


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