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Sierra Hiking Tour


"I never realized all the marvelous wonders existed here in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The unbelievable beauty, surreal vistas, Native American history, as well as the pioneer’s journeys are truly a wonder everyone must experience. Carol’s knowledge of this area and her way of sharing this was fun, informative, and extremely beneficial to my soul."

Come experience the wonderment of the Sierra Nevada Mountains! We will travel to some of the most beautiful places on our Mother Earth!

Ebbets Pass

We will hike the crest of the Sierra with fabulous vistas, lakes, and crystal blue skies. Listening to the wind singing through the aspens, cottonwoods, and birch we cannot help but notice the startling beauty of the leaves changing to red, yellow, and orange before surendering to the fall. We will also treat ourselves to a wonderful mineral bath in a high alpine meadow.

Calaveras Big Trees (Land of the Giants Sequoia Redwoods)

These magical trees are between 30-40 feet in diameter, 350-400 feet high, and well over 2,500 years old. Learn to listen to the ancient wisdom these giants have to tell each of you.

Lake Tahoe

The crown jewel of the Sierra’s. Known to be the one of the largest lakes in the world as well as the clearest. We will explore Emerald Bay, an inlet surrounded by steep mountains, and was used by the Vikings as a sacred place hundreds of years ago. The Native Americans knew the gifts of this magical place of abundant beauty and shared them with the pioneers and we will share them with you.

Donner Pass

Walking along the rim of the Sierra’s one feels the massive power of our Mother Earth with the 360 degree vista. After visiting the Donner Memorial where the Donner Party was trapped in snow 35 feet deep in October of 1846, we will hike to the top of the summit to see where they hoisted their wagons up a steep cliff seeking the dream of California Gold. Experience the spirit of the pioneers in this sacred place with the view of the Royal Grouge, Donner Lake, and petroglyphs of the Native Americans.

Grouse Ridge

With the fall color, diamonds dancing on the lakes, and brilliant royal sky one cannot help but fall in love with the lake region of the Sierras. With over 100 lakes in this region we will walk among the granite peaks and island lakes. This easy stroll is filled with grandure for all the senses to behold.

We will blend the beauty of our Mother Earth with the luxury of allowing ourselves to just be with nature to enjoy the peacefulness, quietness, and oneness of capturing this sacred beauty. These hikes are designed for a beginner to moderate hiker. We will have the wonderful opportunity to witness Mother Earth in transition from summer into fall with the spectacular fall color changing before our eyes with Grandmother as our canvas. This is a very unique and startling time of beauty and also contrast. Bring your cameras and plenty of film to capture the red/golden aspen, yellow cottonwoods, rust grasses, and marvelous bright blue sky!

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